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What to wear in Seattle...

Seattle is a tricky place to dress for. In the summer, it will be much cooler here than it is on the east coast or the mid west. See the forecast.

If you're planning on taking a ferry or visiting mom and dad's house on the sound, make sure that you bring plenty of warm clothes and a windproof jacket (if you have one).

The key to dressing like a native of the northwest is layers. For example, a sample outfit for a day at mom and dad's house might be: jeans, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece vest, a hooded sweatshirt, and a windproof jacket.

Odds are you'll do some hiking while you're here, make sure to bring sturdy hiking shoes.

The northwest is very casual. You can wear jeans to almost any restaurant in seattle.

The Short List:

  • Sturdy Hiking Shoes/Boots
  • Gortex or other Windproof/Waterproof but not too heavy jacket
  • Sweatshirt or long sleeved fleece
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Sunscreen (but not too much)
  • Clothes that can get wet (if you want to kayak)
  • Some sort of hat or hood
Visit Pike's Place Market

Buy some produce, watch them thow fish, eat some berries, catch a view of the olympic mountains, and eat at Matt's in the market. While you're there take the 'hill climb' (worst tourist attraction ever ) down to the waterfront to see the Aquarium (which includes otters saved in the Exxon Valdez oil spill).

Visit Anacortes and the San Juan Islands

Visit my parents at their house on the puget sound in anacortes. Anacortes is the gateway to the pretty and peaceful san juan islands.

Be Outdoors
  • Olympic National Park
  • -- from anacortes take the ferry to port townsend; see the rainforest
  • Mt. Rainier National Park
  • -- a 3-4 hour drive south; tallest mountain in the continental US and an active volcano
  • REI -- get outfitted at the flagship REI store
Hang out in Historic Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is the 'old' seattle. It's got history, charm, character, soup kitchens and shopping.

Enjoy the waterfront Great Restaurants

Seattle has excellent food. The specialties are fish, asian, espresso drinks and microbrew beer.

Drinkin' and Rockin'

Seattle's got beer and loud rock in spades. You can check out these clubs and bars:

  • The Elysian -- if you like beer that tastes like beer (they also serve a veggie burger with bacon on top)
  • The Showbox -- best live music in seattle
  • The Croc -- more great live music, and my dad's bloody mary/breakfast choice
  • sit n' spin -- in case you need to do laundry while you drink, play board games and rock out

You can also listen to the best radio station in the world, kexp. And see the affiliated rock museum the experience music project, conveniently located near the Space Needle.

Visit the evil empire

Check out the Microsoft Campus in redmond. Seattle-ites call it 'the east side'. The campus is half-orwellian, half-employer of the future. All of the buildings look the same and the campus is peppered with sports fields and rec facilities that can be used only by full-time employees (not by the contractors). Map

Go to Canada
  • Have high tea in Victoria
  • Visit the Butchart Gardens
  • Go shopping in Vancouver (Make sure you park in a guarded lot. Thieves target cars with American plates.)

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