Jordan Maureen Hay
2507 East Mercer -- Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 726-0121 (h) --


Work Experience

2PTL (2 Pizza Team Leader) Seller Feedback & Trust,, Seattle, WA.
Responsible for both the technology, customer experience, and the business of evaluating the trustworthiness of third party sellers at Doubled the feedback participation rate. Deployed feedback systems to 5 additional countries. Responsible for quaility of incoming hires company-wide as a member of the "bar raiser" interviewing program. Conducted over 250 interviews from March 2003 - March 2005. Served as interim director of Platform Trust managing a team of 60+ engineers, managers and investigators for 3 months. [April 2004 - present]

2PTL (2 Pizza Team Leader) Product Merchandising,, Seattle, WA.
Responsible for both the technology and the business of merchandising products at Product Merchandising drives one-third of Amazon's website traffic. Migrated detail page to Perl/Mason/Pub-sub platform. Improved backorder experience for apparel. Performance tuned product display page to cut page latency by two-thirds. Managed a team of 6-8 indidual contributors, including developers, a designer and a technical program manager. [April 2003 - April 2004]

Web Developer Manager,, Seattle, WA.
For one and a half years, I managed a team of 4 web developers which specialized in developing and releasing large features and areas of the site. We created the kitchen, photo, and wireless phones websites. We built features including the comparison engine. For the next two years, I managed the web developers on the Consumer Ordering and Self Service team. We owned new development and operational support for the Shopping Cart, Order Pipeline, and Your Account features. In both positions, I was responsible for performance of my direct reports including weekly one-on-ones and yearly performance evaluation. I was also responsible for technical oversight of the group, and part of the company wide planning processes. Mentored 4 former direct reports to management positions. [Jan 2000 - April 2003]

Web Developer,, Seattle, WA.
Developed dynamic websites using proprietary run-time programming language. Major contributor to books bestseller section, auctions site, and holiday site in 1998 & 1999. Lead for launch of the toys site. Member of committee on site standards. Developed first set of templates for internal xml content management system. Co-creator of modular display system which allowed us to dramatically reduce the size of our code base while maintaining the same high level of website support and flexibility. [July 1998 - Jan 2000]


Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.
Graduated with High Honors in June 1998. Received B.A. in Economics with a minor in Irish Literature and a concentration in Computer Science.