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Nature We've Seen

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  1. Bald Eagle
    Padilla Bay
    2 clusters of adults with juviniles; pair of adults flying low over water in the morning
  2. Dunlin
    Padilla Bay
    single by water's edge among small rocks
  3. Sanderling
    Padilla Bay
    several large flocks
  4. Great Blue Heron
    Padilla Bay
    flew from bay over path into farm field and had low flight for a good long way before landing
  5. Brandt's Cormorant
    Padilla Bay
    Several in flight and taking off from water.
  6. Common Goldeneye
    Padilla Bay
    1st winter male
  7. Bufflehead
    Padilla Bay
    "Tiny little duck
  8. Song Sparrow
    Padilla Bay
    deep red coloring
  9. Red Shouldered Hawk
    Fir Island
    rare… perched on top of barn
  10. Snowy Owl
    Fir Island
    6 all perched on logs across the river
  11. Northern Harrier
    Fir Island
    hunting over prarie
  12. Northern Harrier
    Padilla Bay
  13. Red tailed Hawk
    Mom & Dad's
    tree near mom & dad's house
  14. Northern Pygmy-Owl
    Skagit River
    saw during bald eagle festival
  15. Red tailed Hawk
    Skagit River
    drying his tail in a distant tree through the spotting scope. saw during bald eagle festival
  16. red necked grebe
    Puget Sound
    on whale watching trip around the islands -- beautiful
  17. Pelagic Cormorant
    Puget Sound
    on whale watching trip
  18. Northern Pintail
    Padilla Bay
    in groups with lots of american widgeon in the farm fields
  19. American Widgeon
    Padilla Bay
  20. Black Scoter
    Mom & Dad's
    in distance on sound seen through spotting scope
  21. Common Murre
    Puget Sound
    on whale watch
  22. Pigeon Guillemot
    Puget Sound
    on whale watch
  23. Rhinoceros Auklet
    Puget Sound
    on whale watch
  24. Northern Flicker
    Washington Park
    distinctive call and black chest patch; on top of tree
  25. Hutton's Vireo
    Fir Island
  26. Hutton's Vireo
    Skagit River
  27. Killdeer
    Fir Island
    2 different birds. One had a weird behavior where he dug his chest into the mudflat and put his butt into the air.
  28. Northern Harrier
    Fir Island
    2 birds sitting on same clump of land and hunting low in the farm fields.
  29. Great Blue Heron
    Fir Island
    3 different herons sitting on stumps in the marsh sunning themselves
  30. Cedar Waxwing
    Fir Island
    5 or 6 perching in tree and then flying around
  31. Swainson's Thrush
    Fir Island
  32. Robin
    Fir Island
  33. Barn Swallow
    Fir Island
  34. Tree Swallow
    Fir Island
  35. Ringed Kingfisher
    Fir Island
    around channel that follows the path
  36. American Goldfinch
    Fir Island
  37. Red Winged Blackbird
    Fir Island
  38. California Quail
    Cranberry Lake
    On a branch 15 feet high on a walk up anacopper road. It cood then finally jumped into the brush under the tree.
  39. Pigeon Guillemot
    Puget Sound
    Off of the ferry
  40. Seagull
    Puget Sound
    Baby seagulls nesting in the ferry docs
  41. Ringed Kingfisher
    Puget Sound
    2 birds chasing eachother as they skim along the island… off of the ferry

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