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Nature We've Seen

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  1. Anna's Hummingbird
    Arboreatum Winter Garden
    male w/very dark head and red irridescent front of head
  2. Townsend's Warbler
    Arboreatum Winter Garden
  3. Black Scoter
    Arboreatum Near Water
    3 (2 males and a female) swimming in water near reeds
  4. Oregon Dark Eyed Junco
    Several at bird feeder in front yard
  5. American Coot
    Montlake Fill
    hundreds on lake washington and in ponds
  6. Red Winged Blackbird
    Montlake Fill
    "20 or so around the field calling to eachother
  7. American Widgeon
    Montlake Fill
  8. Wood Duck
    Montlake Fill
    1 breeding pair in marsh off of lake washington
  9. Canada Goose
    Montlake Fill
    Several flocks of 5-10 each; nice views of flock in flight
  10. Bufflehead
    Montlake Fill
    "Mixed in with ducks and geese
  11. Hooded Merganser
    Montlake Fill
    2 sightings: 1 of a male with a few females (male flew away early); another of a solitary female
  12. Great Blue Heron
    Montlake Fill
    1 on log off on shore of lake washington
  13. Black Capped Chickadees
    4 around bird feeder with Juncos
  14. Beweick's Wren
    saw in brush near feeder
  15. Nothern Shoveler
    Montlake Fill
    mucking through the mud
  16. Green Winged Teal
    Montlake Fill
    large flocks of these and widgeons
  17. Steller's Jay
    through binoculars at the edge of the arboreatum near house
  18. Barn Swallow
    In the wild at the zoo
  19. House Finch
    in a pair
  20. Cinnamon Teal
    Montlake Fill
    2 different males. No females. Beautiful
  21. Gadwall
    Montlake Fill
    6 or so couples on the ponds.
  22. Osprey
    Montlake Fill
    both an osprey and a bald eagle were circling overhead. A crow came and actually chased the osprey away from what I'm sure was his nest. Amazing.
  23. Red Winged Blackbird
    Montlake Fill
    "first time I saw a female red winged blackbird. They were frequently close to the male red-winged blackbirds. Lots of activity between the males
  24. Bald Eagle
    Montlake Fill
    circling overhead
  25. Great Blue Heron
    Montlake Fill
    several different herons -- most were flying or feeding on lake washington. One was sitting on a branch above one of the ponds. A blackbird harrassed it repeatedly and finally it flew to the other side of the pond
  26. Pie Billed Grebe
    we were canoeing and saw several different individuals swimming on the water. Beautiful birds. I got one to coo to me. It's a very distinctive call.
  27. Tri-Colored Heron
    on a log above the water from a canoe

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